Sexing Your Doves.

Telling Their Sex.

Doves aren't that easy to sex unless you're very used to looking at them. The cocks are very slightly larger and have in particular subtly more masculine heads. The cere (the white fleshy bit near the nostrils) may be slightly bigger in cocks, but this also gets larger with age, so an old hen may have a larger cere than a young cock. Hens are just that bit more dainty and feminine, you'll get an eye for the difference when you've kept them for a while. Their behavior should also give their sex away, the cocks are more raucous and vocal, the ranting sound is heard much more from cocks. Squabbles involve cocks more than hens, when they are courting, the cocks take on the dominant role, the hens let themselves get wooed. You will be able to tell your doves apart when you've had them a while, but you may find it handy to put different coloured rings on before you put them into the dovecote to help identify them, this will help you make sense of all sorts of  their behavior. Young and immature birds are hard to sex.

Typical body language from a cock.